What is Yoga for First Responders (YFFR) Protocol?

YFFR Protocol is a systematic answer to a known problem in public safety: The high statistics of mental and physical stress leading to negative coping skills, injuries, burn out, pre-mature retirement and death. YFFR Protocol provides a safe, effective and sustainable skill set to benefit the first responder population.

These benefits include:

  • Optimal levels of performance on the job
  • Ability to process stress leading to growth vs. depletion
  • A thriving personal life
  • A proactive approach for strengthening mental and physical resilience

Who Should Attend a YFFR Train The Trainer?

Yoga for First Responders’ trainings are open to anyone looking to have deeper knowledge of the psychophysiological benefits of yoga. This includes:
• Yoga teachers
• First responders
• Clinicians
• Friends and family
• Social workers
• Anyone who works with these communities
YFFR Train the Trainers will not only prepare you to deliver the why and how of teaching yoga to first responders, but also how to successfully achieve buy-in and implement programming on an operational level. A public safety agency can send personnel or a civilian to our Train the Trainer specifically to bring YFFR program back to their departments and academies. Special discounts apply, please email nikki@yogaforfirstresponders.org

What does the YFFR Train the Trainer Curriculum look like?


Being a YFFR Instructor certifies you to teach YFFR Protocol through official programming in a public safety department. Trainees will receive:
• An understanding of the culture and personality of Law Enforcement and Fire Service
• Best practices and Smart Teaching Tools for yoga instruction
• An in-depth explanation of Post Traumatic Stress and Vicarious Traumatization, along with their manifestations.
• A deeper look at the science of yoga as it relates to trauma
• Breakdown of YFFR protocol and curriculum
• An overview of trauma-specific yoga cognitive training techniques
• Practices for self-care for the teacher who serves

• Extensive reference materials and a thorough digital “Instructor Toolkit” to support you after this training. YFFR will be with you all the way.
• Three pre-written YFFR classes with additional available in the Instructor Toolkit
• YFFR Training Manual and Outline

Level One consists of 30 hours of classroom time. A practical test and an at-home, open book written test are required to receive your certificate. 10 hours of CEU credits are available through Yoga Alliance™
Instructors include: Olivia Kvitne, Jeff Masters, Assistant Chief Christopher Davis, Lieutenant
Eric Brenneman


Being a YFFR Ambassador certifies you to instruct YFFR Protocol in public safety departments and recruit academies using our official Academy Curriculum, deliver training demos, in-service training curriculum and conference presentations through official YFFR programming. Ambassadors can be called upon to assist with big events and presentations and hold the potential to lead the YFFR efforts for a certain city or region. Level One training is a pre-requisite. Trainees will receive:
• Introduction to Tactical Skills for Law Enforcement and Fire Skills
• Deeper practices for self-care for the teacher who serves
• Self-Myofascial Release – Eradicating Trauma from Connective Tissue
• Introduction to Yin Yoga
• The science behind the “Flow State” or being “in the zone” and how to easily access it for optimal levels of performance
• Breakdown of YFFR Academy Curriculum (Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Telecommunicators) and how to effectively deliver it
• Breakdown of YFFR Training Demo and In-Service Curriculum and how to effectively deliver it
• More pre-written practices for YFFR Protocol classes
• Access to the digital “Ambassador Toolkit”

Level Two consists of 30 hours of classroom time. Ride-alongs for civilians, a written essay, required reading, and documentation of 5 classes taught are required to receive an Ambassador certificate. 15 hours of CEU credits are available through Yoga Alliance™ Instructors include: Olivia Kvitne, Jeff Masters, Top Instructors in Firearms, Defensive Tactics and Fire Service from around the country.

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Is any yoga experience necessary to attend?
No. We feel our training is comprehensive enough to teach new layers of neuroscience and yoga philosophy to the experienced yoga practitioner as well as a great foundation of exactly what yoga is and its original intent as a training method to a novice.
How can you train a yoga teacher in 6 days?
In our 6 day Train the Trainer we are not training anyone to teach yoga in a yoga studio or gym. We are only training trainees in the knowledge, tools and protocol that they will need to teach our specific methodology to the specific population of Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Telecommunictors and Emergency Medical Services. We are teaching a skill set for Processing Stress, Building Mental and Physical Resilience, and Enhancing Optimal Levels of Performance through the tool of yoga. For those who are already yoga teachers, this will be a new layer of understanding of yoga on a psychophysiological level as well as practical applications not seen in modern-day Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Do I need to complete the training in order to get a certificate?

Yes. Level One training includes a short practical and written test. All 3 days plus testing must be completed for a certificate. Testing is not pass/fail, but for self-evaluation. Level Two requires a few hours of outside work in order to receive a certificate.
What does a YFFR Instructor mean?
Being a YFFR “Instructor” means you have completed our first level of training. You are now able to safely and effectively offer YFFR’s name, logo (under federally registered trademark) and official Protocol in your local department through official YFFR Programming.
What does a YFFR Ambassador mean?
A YFFR “Ambassador” means one has completed training levels one and two. You are now able to safely and effectively offer YFFR curriculums in public safety academies, training demos, in-service trainings and conferences using our official curriculum (Copyright Protected) with official YFFR programming.
Ambassadors are eligible to become YFFR Leaders.
What is a YFFR Leader?
A YFFR Leader is an Ambassador who wishes to take on a larger role and direct YFFR in their city or region and manage YFFR Instructors and Ambassadors. YFFR Leaders are also eligible to be paid to teach certain modules in YFFR trainings. YFFR Leaders work directly with YFFR Founder and Director, Olivia Kvitne.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Is my registration/ticket transferrable to another training?
You may only transfer registration from Level One to both Level One and Level Two.
Can I update my registration information?
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
What is the refund policy?
Refunds are possible but not encouraged. Please email nikki@yogaforfirstresponders.org 

The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that OK?

Yes. It will be the attendee’s name that goes on the certificate.

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