YFFR Teacher Training

YFFR Train the Trainer has been seen at departments such as Kansas City Police Department, Denver Public Safety, Des Moines Police Department, Chicago Police Department and Indianapolis Fire Department. Our teacher trainings are currently the only way to become certified through YFFR and teach the YFFR protocol.

What is Yoga for First Responders (YFFR) Protocol?

YFFR Protocol is a systematic answer to a known problem in public safety: The high statistics of mental and physical stress leading to negative coping skills, injuries, burn out, pre-mature retirement and death. YFFR Protocol provides a safe, effective and sustainable skill set to benefit the first responder population.

These benefits include:

  • Optimal levels of performance on the job
  • Ability to process stress leading to growth vs. depletion
  • A thriving personal life
  • A proactive approach for strengthening mental and physical resilience

Who Should Attend a YFFR Train The Trainer?

Yoga for First Responders’ trainings are open to anyone looking to have deeper knowledge of the psychophysiological benefits of yoga. This includes:
• Yoga teachers
• First responders
• Clinicians
• Friends and family
• Social workers
• Anyone who works with these communities
YFFR Train the Trainers will not only prepare you to deliver the why and how of teaching yoga to first responders, but also how to successfully achieve buy-in and implement programming on an operational level. A public safety agency can send personnel or a civilian to our Train the Trainer specifically to bring YFFR program back to their departments and academies. Special discounts apply, please email info@yogaforfirstresponders.org

What Does YFFR Train the Trainer Look Like?

Track One “Liaison”
YFFR’s Track One Training is a one day training that breaks down the YFFR Protocol as a proactive training tool for processing stress, building resilience and enhancing performance for first responders. The YFFR methodology is job-specific and culturally- informed to ensure safe and sustainable training with effective results. By the end of Track One Training, trainees will be YFFR Liaisons and have the tools to practice the techniques of YFFR Protocol themselves, speak authentically about yoga and the YFFR mission, including why it is necessary training for a career in public safety and methods of implementation to bring back to their departments.
*Note: Liaisons are not certified to teach YFFR Protocol to others
Subjects Include:
• Online Introductory Class
• Introduction to Yoga For First Responders
• Breaking Down Tradition Yoga Training
• Introduction to the Nervous System and Science Behind Yoga
• Introduction to YFFR Methodology (Yoga Class)
• Breakout Sessions and Discussion
Track One Training is good for anyone interested in learning about the skill set of yoga as viable training tool for processing stress and building resilience as well as the YFFR methodology specifically, but may not be ready or desiring to become a teacher themselves.

Track Two “Teacher”
YFFR’s Track Two Training is a three day training (includes Track One) that breaks down how to teach the YFFR Protocol to first responders in department settings. YFFR Teachers will be expected to uphold YFFR’s Personal and Professional Areas of Excellence including a code of conduct, internal and external communication protocols, demonstrate tactical and cultural competency and be able to effectively explain the science and methodology behind the YFFR Teaching Protocol. By the end of Track Two Training, trainees will be YFFR Teachers and have the tools to practice the techniques of YFFR Protocol themselves, speak authentically about yoga and the YFFR mission, and teach the YFFR Protocol with a high level of effectiveness and professionalism.
*Note: Teachers are not certified to teach YFFR Curriculum in the Academies or In- Service Training until attending Track Three.
*Note: Outside training requirements must be completed before certification
*Note: Teachers will sign a licensing agreement to use YFFR’s name, logo and material.

Subjects Include:
• Yoga Class Workshops
• Cultural Competency Classes
• Personal and Professional Areas of Excellence (Self-Care and YFFR Standard Operational Procedures)
• Breaking Down the YFFR Protocol Instruction
• Practice Teaching
• The Western and Eastern Science Behind the Protocol
• Breakout Sessions and Discussion
• Online Classes

Track Two Training is good for anyone who has a desire to teach yoga to first responders whether it is officially within a department setting, informally in a community setting, or to add these techniques to their practice such as a clinician or peer support group.

Track Three “Ambassador”
YFFR’s Track Three Training is a six day training (includes Tracks One, Two and Three) that breaks down how to teach the YFFR Protocol in structured training programs, such as recruit academies and in-service training, using YFFR’s Training Curriculum. YFFR Ambassadors will be expected to expected to represent YFFR at higher level and exemplify YFFR values of professional excellence in training and
cultural competency. By the end of Track Three Training, trainees will be YFFR Ambassadors and have the tools to practice the techniques of YFFR Protocol themselves, speak authentically about yoga and the YFFR mission, teach the YFFR Protocol with a high level of effectiveness and professionalism, and the materials needed to teach and represent YFFR at a higher level of training in larger agencies.
Subjects Include:
• Introduction to Tactical Skills for Law Enforcement and Fire Service
• Techniques for Optimizing Performance
• Breaking Down YFFR Training Curriculum for Recruit Academies and In-Service
• Fascia Release Techniques for Optimal Mobility
• Peak Performance Drills
• Breakout Sessions and Discussion
• Practice Teaching

Track Three Training is good for anyone who would like to make YFFR a bigger part of their lives by diving deeper into the WHY and HOW of the science and techniques, teaching in more formal and structured training programs, and representing YFFR in more professional platforms.

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