Nikki Levine Bustos, Training Coordinator

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RY 200, YFFR Ambassador
Nikki is a loyal practitioner and teacher of yoga, with a special interest in trama-sensitive yoga. Growing up an east coaster she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in the entertainment industry. She immersed herself in the Hollywood production scene and quickly soared up the ranks while mastering the art of business coordination and finance, by budgeting both small and large scale projects. It was in LA where Nikki met and worked with Olivia Kvitne, when Yoga for First Responders (YFFR) was just in its infancy. She also facilitated video production for the first training held by YFFR, and happily watched as the program and trainings continued to gain momentum. Nikki is a YFFR Level 1 certified teacher, and has since done many projects with Olivia including work at the LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department). Her passion for being of service to others is a great fit for the incredible mission YFFR continues bringing to communities. Nikki is honored to be a part of the team as she works to combine her yogic lifestyle and production skills. Her goal is to creatively bring business insight and mindfulness together, hoping to show all people how to individually and collectively heal. She currently lives on a ranch in Wyoming with her husband, a devoted volunteer firefighter, who loves taking her classes held at the local community fire station.