Des Moines, IA Teacher Training Information

In Trainer, Training Event by Olivia Kvitne

YFFR Teacher Training Intensive

Watch video below to see how YFFR Academy Curriculum is changing the lives of Des Moines Police. Attend a training to offer this same protocol to your local first responders! 

Des Moines, IA

Des Moines Police Academy

433 E. Army Post Rd.

Des Moines, IA 50315

Los Angeles Fire Department with Olivia Kvitne and Dr. Robert Scott

Los Angeles Fire Department with Olivia Kvitne and Dr. Robert Scott

October 2 – 4 (Level 1)

October 5 – 7 (Level Two)


*You do not need to be a yoga teacher to attend these trainings. Trainings are valuable for first responders, psychologists, therapists, yoga teachers and anyone looking to know the deeper sciences behind stress and secondary trauma and the tools to process it and become more resilient.

Level One – YFFR Instructor

Students will receive:

    • An understanding of the culture of both firefighters and police departments.
    • An in-depth explanation of Post Traumatic Stress and Vicarious Traumatization, along with their manifestations.
    • A deeper look at the science of yoga as it relates to trauma.
    • Instruction on how to build a trauma-sensitive yoga class series.
    • YFFR protocol and curriculum to bring to your local departments
    • An overview of cognitive training techniques.
    • Practices for self-care while serving others.
    • Extensive reference materials and a thorough “Instructor Toolkit” to support you after this training as you go out to teach this program in your community. YFFR will be with you all the way.
    • Three YFFR classes
    • YFFR manual and “Instructor Toolkit”

10 hours of CEU credits are available through Yoga Alliance.

Instructors include:

Olivia Kvitne, YFFR Founder and Director

Jeff Masters, YFFR Assistant Director

Major Darren Ivey, YFFR Core Faculty and Board of Directors


Guest Instructors from local fire and police departments

$450 + $25 (materials fee)



Olivia Kvitne teaches the 73rd Recruit Class at Des Moines Police Department

Level Two – YFFR Ambassador

*Level One training is a pre-requisite 

Students will receive:

  • Introduction to other police academy skills (defensive tactics and firearms)
  • Deeper practices for self-care
  • Eradicating Trauma from Connective Tissue
  • Yin Yoga
  • The Science Behind being “in the zone” and how to easily access it
  • YFFR Police Academy Curriculum and how to effectively deliver it
  • YFFR presentation materials and how to effectively deliver an in-service training
  • Three YFFR classes and daily self-care practice
  • The “Ambassador Toolkit” and becoming a YFFR Leader
  • Continuing Education opportunities.
  • 15 hours of CEU credits are available through Yoga Alliance

*A few hours of outside work is required post-training be eligible for certification

Instructors include:

Olivia Kvitne, YFFR Founder and Director

Jeff Masters, YFFR Assistant Director

Guest Instructors from Des Moines Police and Fire Departments

$550 + $25 (materials fee) *Register for BOTH Level 1 and Level 2 and SAVE $50



What are my parking options getting to the event?

Parking lot in front of building

Will there be discounts on local hotels?


Do I need to complete the training in order to get a certificate?

Yes.  All 3 days plus testing must be completed for a certificate. Testing is not pass/fail, but for self-evaluation.

What does a YFFR Instructor mean?

Being a YFFR “Instructor” means you have completed our first level of training. You are now able to safely and effectively offer YFFR in your local department using the YFFR protocol and Instructor Toolkit. Licensing agreement to use our material will be available at the training.

What does a YFFR Ambassador mean?

A YFFR “Ambassador” means one has completed training levels one and two. You are now able to safely and effectively offer YFFR curriculum in police academies and directly represent YFFR in large-scale presentations and in-service trainings using the YFFR curriculum and the Ambassador Toolkit. YFFR Academy Curriculum and Presentation are Copyright Protected and licensed to Ambassadors for use. Ambassadors are eligible to become YFFR Leaders. (*This training is a Level 1 only.)

What is a YFFR Leader?

A YFFR Leader is an Ambassador who wishes to take on a larger role and direct YFFR in their city or region and managing YFFR Instructors and Ambassadors. YFFR Leaders are also eligible to be paid to teach certain modules in YFFR trainings.  Leaders are eligible for bonuses for trainings in their region. YFFR Leaders work directly with YFFR Founder and Director, Olivia Kvitne.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?, YFFR Training Coordinator

The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that okay?

Yes. It will be the attendee’s name that goes on the certificate.